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GPO Golf League

The summer league has started! One of the new rules for the summer league 2022 will be the addition of the “inside the leather” rule. This corresponds to the distance from the bottom of your putter up the shaft to the bottom edge of your putter’s grip. That is “inside the leather.” If your ball is closer to the hole than the distance from the bottom of your putter to the bottom of your putter’s grip then it is inside the leather. You still have to count the stroke you didn’t take, though.


We are always looking to improve! If you have any ideas, please let us know!

Tee TImes

Every Tuesday evening starting at 5pm sharp. Many teams arrive around 4pm to warm up at the driving range and chipping/putting greens!

Frequently Asked questions

Get quick info by viewing our Frequently Asked Questions!


The league will follow USGA Rules unless otherwise specified. For a more detailed view of the rules, click below!


Please reach out if you do not find an answer to your questions within this FAQ or the League Rules.

I am not able to make it this week. How do I schedule a sub?

If a player is unable to play in a match, they should attempt to find a substitute player to play in their place.

The league will publish a list of substitute players that may be available, but it is up to the player/team to notify their partner, the commissioner, their opponents, and find substitutes when they become aware that they will not be able to attend the scheduled match.

If no substitute can be found, the match can still be played with only one team member in attendance. Note that this means that the team will use the single player’s score as the team score on every hole.

Any amateur golfer may play as a substitute, however, utilizing substitutes with established league handicaps will be in the best interest of the team utilizing the substitute.

If a team cannot make it to the scheduled match:

  1. A representative of the team must work with the commissioner, scorekeeper, and their scheduled opponent to reschedule the match sometime between the prior week’s match and prior to the following week’s match.
  2. Obtaining the proper scorecards and providing them to the scorekeeper is the responsibility of the team requesting the change of schedule.
  3. Failure to reschedule the match, provide subs, or provide the scorecard to the scorekeeper by the following week’s match will result in the team receiving 0 points and the scheduled opponent receiving all 20 of the match points.
How is scoring calculated?
A match consists of nine holes of golf between two teams of two players each, for a total of four players per match

    1. Each hole in the match is worth 2 points.
      1. The team score on a hole is determined by whichever team member has the lowest score after applying any handicap strokes for the hole.
      2. The team having the lowest score on the hole receives 2 points and the other team receives 0 points for the hole.
      3. If the two teams tie for the lowest score, then each team will receive 1 point for the hole.
    2. The maximum score a player can have on a given hole is three over par or triple bogey which is:
      • 6 on a par 3 hole
      • 7 on a par 4 hole
      • 8 on a par 5 hole
      • If a player reaches triple bogey and has yet to hole the ball, the player will pick up his/her ball and receive an ‘X’ on the scorecard for that hole.
        1. A player with an ‘X’ for a hole cannot win the hole
          1. Any other player in the match holing the ball in triple bogey or less is considered to have a lower score than ‘X’.
        2. If all four players in the match score an ‘X’ on a given hole, the hole is considered a tie and each team will receive one (1) point for that hole.
        3. For handicapping purposes, a score of ‘X’ on the scorecard will be converted to triple bogey for the hole.
  1. At the end of the match, the team with the highest score wins the match

    1. The team that wins the match will receive an extra two points for winning the match
    2. If the teams end up in a 9 to 9 tie, each team receives one extra point for the match
  1. League and Scoring

    1. Each week, the team adds the points scored in the match that week to their season total

    2. At the end of the season, the teams that have the 8 highest scores will advance to the playoffs

      1. In case of a tie, the commissioner will decide on the method of breaking the tie
How is my handicap calculated?
  1. Handicapping

    1. All players enter the league with no handicap

    2. There will be at least one handicapping week at the beginning of the season to create a base handicap for the new players and subs that do not have a handicap

    3. Players returning to the league will be handicapped based on their prior league scores/handicaps

    4. Subs who have not played with the league before, will not have a handicap and, for handicapping purposes, will play as a scratch golfer (handicap of zero) the first time they compete.

    5. Strokes Given

      1. The strokes given to a player on a hole is dependent upon several factors, including, but not limited to:
        • The lowest handicap of the foursome, which will automatically receive no handicap strokes
        • The handicap of the player in question
        • The difficulty of the hole being played
      2. A player may receive zero, one or two handicap strokes on a given hole based on the factors listed above
      3. Handicapping is the sole purview of the scorekeeper and any questions related to handicaps should be directed toward the scorekeeper.
What are the requirements to become a sub?

Subs do not have to be current or prior Navy Federal Credit Union employees

Subs are not required to pay league dues

Sub ARE responsible for paying their weekly green fees.

If I read the entire FAQ, does that mean I've read the rules?

Congratulations! You've almost read the entire rulebook for our league! The only section of the rules you've missed is the section regarding the playoffs!

GPO League Costs

One-time $20 registration fee (REQUIRED)

This is a small monitary contribution to encourage Keith to continue putting up with us. (Reach out to Keith for appropriate description)

Weekly $20 Cart Rental Fee (required)

100% of this money goes directly to Scenic Hills for providing and maintaining the golf carts we use weekly.

$5 Closest To the Pin (Optional)

Each week we have a closest-to-the-pin contest on a pre-determined hole. The winner of the contest wins the entire pot.

Driving Range

Returning members will notice Scenic Hills has recently updated the driver range. Grab a basket of balls from the large can and get a good warm up before league tee times!

Putting & Chipping Greens

Lock in your chips and putts prior to tee times next to the clubhouse while enjoying cart refreshments and nearby bathroom access!